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Screen Projector Perfecto


Screen Projector Perfecto menjual berbagai type Screen Projector Perfecto dengan harga termurah. Temukan type, harga dan spesifikasi Screen Projector Perfecto di website kami

Perfecto is a reliable screen which you could use it in accordance with your need Regardless where you are, Perfecto screen is always ready to support you doing your task; it can be used in class room, home, meeting room, public area, etc.
Due to various places, we present several types of screen; manual screen, tripod screen, portable screen, and motorized screen. In addition, be sure to use such a screen without anxiety where after our sales service and spare parts are not a constraint.

Daftar Harga dan Spesifikasi Screen Projector Perfecto :

Screen Manual Pull Down Wall Projector Perfecto

Screen Manual Pull Down Wall Projector Perfecto

Screen Manual Pull Down Wall Projector Perfecto MWSPF1212 127x127cm/50″x50″US$59
Screen Manual Pull Down Wall Projector Perfecto MWSPF1515 150x150cm/60″x60″ US$64
Screen Manual Pull Down Wall Projector Perfecto MWSPF1717 178x178cm/70″x70″ US$67
Screen Manual Pull Down Wall Projector Perfecto MWSPF1217 128x171cm/84″diagonal US$69
Screen Manual Pull Down Wall Projector Perfecto MWSPF2121 213x213cm/84×84″ US$101
Screen Manual Pull Down Wall Projector Perfecto MWSPF2424 244x244cm/96×96″ US$131
Screen Manual Pull Down Wall Projector Perfecto MWSPF1520 150x200cm/100″diagonal US$166
Screen Manual Pull Down Wall Projector Perfecto MWSPF1824 180x234cm/120″diagonal US$199
Screen Manual Pull Down Wall Projector Perfecto MWSPF2230 218x290cm/150″diagonal US$264

* User friendly while give you best projection.
* Suitable for class room, meeting room, etc.
* Special design spring for smooth and easy pull down / up with self lock controller.

Screen Tripod Projector Perfecto

Screen Tripod Projector Perfecto

Screen Tripod Projector Perfecto TSPF1515 150x150cm/60″60″ US$50
Screen Tripod Projector Perfecto TSPF1717 178x178cm/70″70″ US$51
Screen Tripod Projector Perfecto TSPF1217 128x171cm/84″diagonal US$63
Screen Tripod Projector Perfecto TSPF2121 213x213cm/84″x84″ US$135
Screen Tripod Projector Perfecto TSPF2424 244x244cm/96″x96″ US$155

* Adjustable screen height both top and bottom which enable you to fit between the screen and the projector.
* Made using high quality materials which are durable for daily usaha.
* Modern design, steady tripod with an octagonal steel end cap.

Screen Projector Portable Perfecto

Screen Projector Portable Perfecto

Screen Projector Portable Perfecto PSPF60″ 200x130cm/60″diagonal US$230
Screen Projector Portable Perfecto PSPF80″ 200x170cm/80″diagonal US$265

* Lightweight and self-standing where enables you to perform and carry away once you finish the task.
* Unique feature of a pneumatic scissors mechanism for raising and lowering the screen surface
* Perfect for travelling or mobile usage.

Screen Motorized Projector Perfecto

Screen Motorized Projector Perfecto

Screen Motorized Projector Perfecto EWSPF1717 178x178cm/70″x70″ (RC included) US$225
Screen Motorized Projector Perfecto EWSPF2121 213x213cm/84″x84″ (RC included) US$240
Screen Motorized Projector Perfecto EWSPF2424 244x244cm/96″x96″ (RC included) US$260
Screen Motorized Projector Perfecto EWSPF3030 300x300cm/120″x120″ (RC included) US$455
Screen Motorized Projector Perfecto EWSPF3636 360x360cm/140″x140″ (RC included) US$750
Screen Motorized Projector Perfecto EWSPF1520 150x200cm/100″diagonal (RC included) US$435
Screen Motorized Projector Perfecto EWSPF1824 180x234cm/120″diagonal (RC included) US$450
Screen Motorized Projector Perfecto EWSPF2230 221x295cm/150″diagonal (RC included) US$730
Screen Motorized Projector Perfecto EWSPF2736 267x356cm/180″diagonal (RC included) US$900
Screen Motorized Projector Perfecto EWSPF3040 300x401cm/200″diagonal (RC included) US$920
Screen Motorized Projector Perfecto EWSPF4060 400x600cm/300″diagonal (RC included) US$3420
RC Remote Control for Screen Motorized Projector PerfectoUS$110

* Professional! Charming !! Those words are appropriate to express what you present using excellent motorized Perfecto screen.
* With motorized roller system offer you a quite, reliable screen operation that be controlled by a switch, remote control, or a projector screen trigger

Berminat? Silahkan pesan / order Screen Projector Perfecto melalui salah satu cara yang paling mudah bagi Anda pada menu sebelah kanan halaman ini.


  1. Bahan layar tanpa ada sambungan
  2. Harga Belum termasuk instalasi dan ongkos kirim (expedisi)
  3. Harga jual dan spesifikasi yang tercantum dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu tanpa ada pemberitahuan terlebih dahulu
  4. Harap konfirmasi terlebih dahulu karena tidak semua barang dalam keadaan ready stock
  5. Jika ada perbedaan pada spesifikasi produk maka produk fisik menjadi acuannya
  6. Untuk Screen Motorized: garansi motor 1 tahun untuk fungsi motor

Mari berbagi informasi Perfecto Screen Projector dengan teman atau kolega Anda, barangkali mereka membutuhkannya.

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